FAQs / Frequently asked questions


  1. Registration
  2. Image upload
  3. Video upload
  4. Music upload
  5. Creating video files
  6. Video file playback
  7. Automatic video file playback
  8. Recoding video files
  9. License expiry


Can I change my email address after I have registered a Clipgenerator account?

Customer email addresses are used as unique identifiers for Clipgenerator accounts. It is therefore not possible to change an email address.

Image upload

Is the image upload size limited?

You can upload images up to a size of 20 MB. 
We recommend keeping your image size to a maximum of 1 MB to minimise upload times.

What is the maximum number of images I can use / upload?

The Premium Version and Business Version of Clipgenerator permit the use of up to 20 images within a video clip. The number remaining in clips after an upload is displayed in the top right of the assembly bar.

Is a minimum of images required?

Yes, you need to insert at least 3 images, photos or backgrounds. If you have not sufficient images, photos on hand, please double your image or simply use our background-designs, color-backgrounds or stock-photos as additional images.

Can I also use videos from digital cameras and mobile phones for clip production in addition to images?

The current version of Clipgenerator only permits image animation. Video integration is in preparation.

I cannot upload more than only a few images

  1. First, all images have to be transmitted to our server, before Clipgenerator can generate the video. Depending on the internet connection and the dimension of the image data, the upload of e.g. 20 images might last longer. When you see all your images in the scrollbar, then they have really arrived on Clipgenerator, not earlier.
  2. We support only the established browsers such as Mozilla-Firefox, Chrome, Internet-Explorer, Safari. There might be some problems when trying to upload with special browsers. In this case, just take a current browser.

Video upload

Is the video upload size limited?

For free use (trial), the maximum size of background video is 5 MB. For paid packets (Starter, Pro, Ultimate) you can upload videos up to 20 MB. We recommend keeping your video size small to minimize upload times.

Can I upload videos for more MB?

In the paid packets(Starter, Pro, Ultimate) you have the opportunity to book 50 MB extra. MBs you already used are charged against the allocated contingent/ are subtracted from the allocated contingent.

What is the maximum number of videos I can use/upload?

The background movie is overlaid by the images or rather is synchronized with the images (depending on your chosen Video design). That is why you can use/upload only one video (no matter what packet you use).

I cannot upload my video.

In the simply packets the maximum video size is 20 MB. All popular formats can be used.

Music upload

I would like to upload my own music instead of yours – is this possible?

At the moment, we have not yet activated this feature. We will inform you in an update.

Creating video files

You should choose the format that best fits the intended purpose of your video file. 
You can use any of the formats for a YouTube upload.
AVI formats are compatible with most Windows systems.
Flash formats (.flv) cannot be displayed on mobile devices made by Apple (e.g. iPhone, iPad).
Some browsers are able to display HTML5 formats (MP4) without first having to install an additional player.

I have created a video as a video file. I would now like to create the same video in a different video format or with a different aspect ratio. How do I change the format?

In the “My Videos” section there is an arrow on the right next to the “Download” function.
The “New Format” function is accessed via the arrow. You can use this function to change the video file format.

Video file playback

I have created a video and want to upload it to YouTube or another portal. How can I do it?

Before you can produce a video in a special video-format, you need to convert the dynamic online video into a static Video-file of your choice. 2 Steps are required: create a video-file (various videoformats to choose from) – then download the created video-file to your computer. The static, downloaded video can now be uploaded to external portals like YouTube a.o.

I have created and downloaded a video file using Clipgenerator. However, I cannot see the video on my PC/Notebook. I can only hear the sound. Is the video defect?

Watching a video on a PC or Notebook requires a video player that supports the video file format.   Install a current video player (e.g. VLC Player; or install the required video formats for the video player on your device. You can download so-called “Codec Packs” for various operating systems free of charge from the Internet (e.g. from

Automatic video playback

I want the video to start automatically as soon as a link is opened or - when it is embedded in a website - when the website is called up. How do I do that?

To apply “Autoplay”, i.e. automatic playback, to a video you can set the value “on” or “off” (default) in the publication mode when you have finished producing your video. Every change to the videoplay start mode also changes the embed code for the website or URL.

Recoding video files

I have created and downloaded a video file using Clipgenerator. However, the file is too large. Can I recode the video using a free tool?

There are a number of tools for recoding videos. You can use them to optimise the video format, size and data volume to suit your application purpose. Format Factory is an example of a free German-language program for converting videos. ( )

Licence expiry

My Starter / Pro / Ultimate Account will expire soon. Will I lose my account or my videos if I don't renew the service immediately?

Neither videos not the account itself are deleted when a licence expires. Videos are merely deactivated. By renewing your account within 50 days of expiry you will be able to modify, publish and download your videos once again.